Friday, June 12, 2009


Nathan has tried just about every food now. I must say sweet potatoes are his favorite. Actually I'm pretty sure paper is his favorite. He loves to get his hands on it crumple it up, and take a big ole bite. Yummy!! Any paper will do he's not picky. Magazines, fliers, newspapers, but I guess since paper isn't technically a food we will go back to the sweet potatoes. How do I know they are his favorite? The proof is in the picture. You may think he looks like this after every meal, but that simply is not true. He consumes his sweet potatoes so excitedly that this is the result.

Another favorite...Shadow. Any fears I had that these two wouldn't end up as BFF's has been put to rest. As I have mentioned before Shadow is interesting dog, but these two get along famously.

Now for some of my favorites. This adorable baby face.

This sleeping boy. He wasn't feeling well this day, and just crashed while playing. He never does that so I had to get a picture. I love sleeping babies, and am kind of obsessed with taking pictures of them. I have dozens of pictures of my kids sleeping when they were babies. Maybe someday I will post some.

And what's not to love about this last set of pictures? First of all, the shirt. I found it at a consignment sale last month, and I just love it so much. It was the most expensive thing I bought. My favorite babylegs, with my favorite baby toes, and of course my favorite baby grin. ,