Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mexico......It's Better with Tequila

So in May we took our second trip to Mexico in the last year. We enjoyed it so much the first time that I really wanted to go back. I knew that once the baby came it would be awhile before we got to take an extended vacation. We went to Puerto Vallarta again for the simple fact that it is close. What can I say I HATE to fly. I am not AFRAID to fly I just hate it. I can't stand to be stuck in one spot for more than 3 hours and I can't sleep. But that's a post for another time. We stayed at a different all inclusive resort this time. It was nice much busier than where we stayed last time not sure if it was time of year or not. On our honeymoon trip we did lots of activities thanks to getting stopped by the timeshare sharks at the airport. I always thought the importance of tequila in Mexico was exaggerated, but I quickly learned that isn't true at all. Every activity we participated in involved drinking tequila. These included a city tour with a stop at a tequila factory. A snorkeling trip where we got all of 5 minutes in the water because there is some law in Mexico that won't let people drink on the boat prior to going in the water. Also a horseback ride, a dinner show on an island, and a trip to Senor Frog's they all had one thing in common. It also makes a great prize every game, contest or activity we were involved in included tequila whether it was the prize or the game itself. I should clarify I love tequila give me a good margarita and I'm happy blended, on the rocks, salt no salt I love them all it has been my drink of choice for as long as I can remember.
So the trip in May I decided not to do any of the activities I just didn't think they would be fun for me. Our only trip out of the resort was to the flea market. Instead we laid on the beach reading books, played in the ocean, enjoyed the food, and swam in the pool. I drank more virgin margaritas than any one person ever should. I had fun it was beautiful there and very relaxing, but it's better with tequila.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boring is Good

I had my monthly appointment with the midwife today. Nothing exciting to report which is a good thing. I mostly look forward to these appointments because it means I am 4 weeks closer to being done. Kailyn and Brandon both went with us again B seemed to get bored this time and started pulling out all of his school work in the middle of the appointment. Kailyn was oblivious she only went because she didn't want to miss dinner at the Old Country Buffet afterwards. She sat on her phone and texted the whole time she said she finds the appointments "boring" and listening to the heartbeat "creeps her out". These are not the same midwives I saw with my last pregnancy, and I thought at first they gave off less of a crunchy vibe. I think I may have been wrong because their answer to every little complaint I have has been vitamins. My last appointment I complained about some muscle cramps and she suggested 2 new vitamins so my regimen now includes 1 prenatal vitamin, 3 iron pills, 1 vitamin D, 1 folic acid, 3 fish oil, and a calcium powder. Our conversation on the way home.
Kailyn- "Mom is it possible to overdose on vitamins?"
Me- " I sure hope not"

Monday, May 26, 2008

21 Weeks

So as a form of torture for myself I have decided to post a weekly picture. Maybe someday I will look back with fond memories of my time being pregnant (sarcasm).
After looking at the pictures that Kailyn took for me I said "I look huge in those pictures". She said "because you are". Thanks Kailyn. I will also include in this post a picture of our baby from the 19 week ultrasound. I must warn you that we really didn't get any really good pictures for some reason. So this is the best that we got. It is a 3d picture of the babys face. I have always found 3d ultrasound pictures kind of creepy and this one is only slightly less creepy because it is my baby. One funny thing about the picture when I showed it to B he said "wow the baby has a lot of hair" later I realized it's the placenta which is to the left of the head that he thought was "hair".

Mission Acomplished

So I did it. I got the babys room painted and the blinds up. The painting went pretty good I had awesome helpers here they are working hard.

We painted the room a beige color it came out a little darker than I wanted, but I still like it. As for the blinds well I had my least painful experience yet. I never understood why someone would pay hundreds of dollars to buy blinds, and have them installed when you can buy them from home depot for $40. That was before having the joy of hanging blinds myself. Installing the two sets in my kitchen almost reduced me to tears, and that was before I was pregnant. So I wasn't looking forward to it this time. It actually didn't go too bad I did have the brackets up and then realized it wasn't going to fit because the sensor for our security system was in the way so I had to hang them above the window. I was afraid it would look bad but it actually looks okay. Here is the finished room.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Go Speed Racer!!

So it wasn't as horrible as I imagined it would be, but it wasn't good either. First of all to call it a live action adaption of the cartoon is misleading. It's more like a cartoon with real people in it, and the visual effect isn't really appealing. I also felt the movie went on way too long at 2hrs 15min I was ready for it to be over long before it actually was. That being said B my 6 year old son absolutely loved it and was glued to the screen the entire time. He said his favorite parts were the races which were way too overdone for me. The monkey was my favorite part =) It's sad when a monkey is the best part of a movie.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Plans

So since it is a 3 day weekend and I actually have 2 of the 3 days off I'm really going to try and get some stuff done. Since we found out 2 weeks ago that we are are having a boy I'm going to start the first task in getting the room ready. I went today and picked out some paint I thought would match nicely with the bedding we decided on. So this weekend I plan to paint the room and hang the blinds. We are also planning on taking the kids to see Speed Racer not because I really want to see it, but because it is showing at the imax theater and we have a discount card to get in for only $3. After realizing this we decided we would see every movie that came out there. This summer I also look forward to seeing Kung Foo Panda, and The Dark Knight in imax.