Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Plans

So since it is a 3 day weekend and I actually have 2 of the 3 days off I'm really going to try and get some stuff done. Since we found out 2 weeks ago that we are are having a boy I'm going to start the first task in getting the room ready. I went today and picked out some paint I thought would match nicely with the bedding we decided on. So this weekend I plan to paint the room and hang the blinds. We are also planning on taking the kids to see Speed Racer not because I really want to see it, but because it is showing at the imax theater and we have a discount card to get in for only $3. After realizing this we decided we would see every movie that came out there. This summer I also look forward to seeing Kung Foo Panda, and The Dark Knight in imax.

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