Monday, April 27, 2009

Memos From Mommy

One of my favorite blogs is hosting a weekly contest. This was my entry for the week. I thought I would share since I had these cute pictures.

Dear Nathan-

Why is it that you save your best smiles, and cutest giggles for the dog? What has he ever done for you but chew your toys, and growl at you? I am the one who feeds you and changes your diapers. I think I deserve some love too. Thanks!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

6 Month Stats

Better late than never here are Nathan's 6 month stats.

Weight- 18lbs 2oz (50-75 percentile)

Height- 27 1/4 in (75th percentile)

Head Circumference- 45 cm (75th percentile)

He has actually dropped in percentile a bit since his 4 month check. He was in the 95-100% in everything. I was actually surprised he wasn't 20 lbs already.

The Dr made a comment on how good, and happy he is. That he seems like such an easy baby. She said she always hopes people with easy babies have difficult teenagers. Ummm ok. What a dumb thing to say. Like I'm sure he will just stay this content, and happy until he hits age 13 or so. We will probably sail through the terrible twos I'm sure. For that comment I made sure to point out that wasn't an easy newborn. In fact I couldn't put him down for the first 3 months of his life. So maybe I kinda feel like I deserve this happy baby for as long as he wants to stay that way.

Friday, April 17, 2009

6 Months Old

Six months today. A whole half a year. It's hard to believe.

Nathans latest talents include:

- Sitting up. Yep he can sit up all by himself. Quite well.

- Crawling. Not the traditional crawl, but more of a scoot. He move all of the place. Lucky for us he is still a little slow. I'm sure this won't last for much longer.

- Screaming. He doesn't do this much, but he sure is proud of how loud he can get.

- Blowing raspberries. He actually started doing this awhile ago, but he has taken a renewed interest in it. Especially now that he can spit when he does it.

Just for proof that he does smile here is one more picture from our 6 month photo shoot.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

I really just wanted to show off this super cute picture of Nathan.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Spoon, A Bib, And An Avocado

Put those three things together, and you have Nathans first meal. He seemed very indifferent about the food itself, but seemed to enjoy the process. Lindsey fed him, and I think he got most of the food on his face and bid. We will now move full speed ahead with the solids. On the menu for this week are apples, and peas. Bon Appetite.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Official, I'm A Twit-ter

So a year ago when my husband started using this service I gave him a ton of crap. I made fun of him for weeks. I knew Twitter had become super popular, you hear about it everywhere now. I still wasn't really interested in joining. Peer pressure got the best of me though, and I joined yesterday at the urging of my sister. I figured if she was doing it so could I. It's not like she's on the cutting edge of internet trends.

So if you are disappointed with my lack of blog updates lately (mom). You can keep up with my tweets on the sidebar. If you are on twitter you can come follow me.

I guess I must add that I'm not super impressed with the service itself. I am constantly getting an "twitter is too busy" message. I spent 30 precious minutes of Nathans nap trying to add a profile picture. After many frustrating attempts it was finally showing up. Now it has been replaced by the good ole red x. It isn't showing who I'm following correctly. Oh, and it won't let me set up text message updates. But, whatev. It's a free internet service. It doesn't actually need to work. Besides I'm one of the cool kids now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Baby Is Better Than Your Baby

Brandon decided he likes his little brother so much that he needed his own baby. He went and got one of Gabby's reject dolls from her closet and dressed it in some of Nathan's clothes. He played with the doll for awhile, and then we had a conversation that went like this.

B- "Mommy, when I lay my baby down he goes right to sleep"

Me- "Wow B you're lucky. My baby doesn't do that."

B- "That's because your baby doesn't have fake eyes."

Me- "Good point B. Very good point."

B- "Mommy"

Me- "Yes B"

B- "My baby never cries."

Me- "Ok B that's enough. You need to stop bragging about your baby."