Monday, May 26, 2008

21 Weeks

So as a form of torture for myself I have decided to post a weekly picture. Maybe someday I will look back with fond memories of my time being pregnant (sarcasm).
After looking at the pictures that Kailyn took for me I said "I look huge in those pictures". She said "because you are". Thanks Kailyn. I will also include in this post a picture of our baby from the 19 week ultrasound. I must warn you that we really didn't get any really good pictures for some reason. So this is the best that we got. It is a 3d picture of the babys face. I have always found 3d ultrasound pictures kind of creepy and this one is only slightly less creepy because it is my baby. One funny thing about the picture when I showed it to B he said "wow the baby has a lot of hair" later I realized it's the placenta which is to the left of the head that he thought was "hair".

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