Friday, December 5, 2008

Can I Pet Your Doggy?

As I have explained before we have a very antisocial dog. He only loves a handful of people, and the rest of the world is divided into people he tolerates, and people he hates. Most fall into the later category. Sometimes this can be annoying. Like when the guy comes to fix your broken window, and you have to lock your dog in the bedroom because he won't stop barking. Other times it's just plain embarrassing. I was out walking the dog about a week ago when a couple of kids stopped me and asked if they could pet my dog. Sure, I said. It didn't go well, when they got close to him he started barking and growling. I apologized and quickly walked away.

So yesterday when I was out walking Shadow there was a little girl on a bike ride with her dad. "Can I pet your doggy?" I paused for a second as a quickly tried to think of the best way to say no because he's actually a vicious attack dog disguised as a cute doggy. As I'm thinking she gets off her bike, and starts coming towards us. Shadow starts to growl. "I'm sorry, he doesn't like strangers." I feel so mean. Why can't I have a normal dog?

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