Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That is what it cost to fix the living room window. Yeah, funny story. Every day Shadow, Nathan, and I take a long walk in the afternoon. Saturday Dare decided he would come with us. Just as he shut the front door he looked at me and asked if I had keys. No, I never bring my keys on my walk. I don't worry about locking my door when I go for a 30 minute walk around the block. I also have enough to bring already with the dog, the leash, a poop bag, the baby, his pacifier, and my cell phone. I'm not paranoid enough to lock the door, but I am paranoid enough to bring my phone usually, but not today since I'm not alone. So as I realize we are locked out I do a quick mental run through of all of the windows and doors in the house and I know none of them are unlocked. In fact a few weeks ago in a moment of late night paranoia I checked all of the windows to make sure they were locked, and since it's no longer summer I knew none of them had been opened since. So what do we do? Decide to go on our walk anyway maybe the fresh air will help us figure out a way to get in the house. We decide our only option is to go to our neighbors house and ask to use their phone to call a locksmith. This is not a great option. We don't know our neighbors, and have never really talked to them except for a quick hello or wave. And although I've never called a locksmith for anything I'm pretty sure it's about $75 even more on a Saturday evening. So I decide maybe we should try to see how strong the locks on the windows are. Of course we'll have to be careful our windows are the original single pane, aluminum frame ones that were installed when our house was built in the 70's. Almost immediately after putting this plan into place Dare's hand goes right through the glass. Crap!! There is a hole in the glass I reach through and unlock the window, but because of the broken glass we can't get it open. I'm not about to pay for a new window AND a locksmith. We do manage to get the window open, and I climbed inside. I then proceeded to tape up the window with cardboard and fix up Dare's hand which was cut, but not badly. That's the story of how we spent our Saturday night.

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