Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby's First Road Trip

We had been planning on making a trip to Spokane sometime in October to visit the kids and watch their soccer games. We were finally able to go last weekend. Driving 600 miles in a weekend with a newborn, and a dog may seem crazy, but overall it wasn't bad. I thought staying in a hotel room with 2 adults, 4 kids, a newborn, and a dog seemed even crazier, but that wasn't bad either. The kids really had fun at the hotel we went to the pool, watched tv, and enjoyed what was a pretty good free breakfast. Saturday we watched both Lindsey and Gabby's soccer games. Brandon didn't have a game. After the games we went to lunch, and then went to the movies. Later that night we ordered pizza, and celebrated Gabby's birthday which is coming up on the 10th. The kids really enjoyed getting to meet their baby brother. The girls all seemed especially taken with him considering none of them were exactly thrilled by the thought of another baby in the family. I think they will be a huge help when they are here in December. Here are some pictures of the kids with Nathan. I will put up some soccer photos in another post I just have way too many pictures!!

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