Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't a Pregnant Chick Catch a Break?

I know I was supposed to blog a few days ago about our weekend, and I will I promise. It has just been a crazy week around here, and I haven't had the energy to write it all down. So just for fun here is a crazy week in my world. Sunday night as I am serving dinner I drop a small plate on my big toe and it shatters. I was in so much pain I thought for sure I was going to have to go to the emergency room. After icing it for a couple of hours the pain was bearable, and I was able to go to bed. The next morning it was still sore, but I went work and hobbled around all day. Also Sunday night Mckayla showed up again. I knew that she was coming, but it was supposed to be Monday. Monday night Lindsey has a friend spend the night. Yes, that's 6 kids in the house in case you're keeping track. Tuesday I come home to find a baby, yes a real live baby in my house. Who's baby? It's Mckayla's cousins baby. Apparently Mckayla had agreed to babysit this week, but didn't want to go to her cousins house because it would take away from her and Kailyn's Guitar Hero playing. So now I have 6 kids, one strangers baby, and a dog that I now know hates babies. Today the cousin shows up, Mckayla answers the door, and proceeds to march her through the kitchen where my shocked husband is doing the dishes, and up the stairs. Just to give you and idea of how horrible this is I haven't set foot upstairs since mid June. We used to spend every night up there watching tv, but have since given the room over to the kids as that's where most of the entertainment stuff is. Kailyn's room is also upstairs. Another reason this is horrible, we haven't engaged in what I like to call "operation pointless" since Tuesday. Some people call it cleaning, but when I think of cleaning I like to think of something that has a some lasting results, like say a week. Here an hour is an accomplishment. If only I had known I was having a visitor.

Another reason I haven't gotten around to it is I'm just really tired. I find that by about 6 or so now I am just too exhausted to compose my thoughts. Maybe it's that I'm 8 months pregnant. Maybe it's the 5 1/2 - 6 hours of sleep I average a night. I have also had a really hectic week at work. I found out Tuesday my boss is transferring this is his last week. They also haven't secured a competent person to take my place for the 4 months I will be gone, and I only have 4 weeks of work left. I took one day off to travel to the wedding last weekend, and all hell broke loose. I can't even imaging the mess I will come back to.

Sooo if you are keeping track today. It's , my 4 kids, Mckayla, Kailyn's friend, one strangers baby, one dog that hates baby's, one hot, tired grouchy pregnant chick who is resting after just finishing "operation pointless" for the day. All while listening to the melodic sounds of Guitar Hero drifting downstairs.

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