Sunday, August 17, 2008

My "Safe" Place

Friday we took the kids school clothes shopping. I had been waiting all summer to get my Macy's coupons so that we could make this trip. Well they came in the mail about a week and a half ago so I put them away. Fast forward to Friday morning as I am franticly searching our bedroom.

Dare "What are you looking for?"
Me " The Macy's Coupons"
Dare "You put them in a "safe" place didn't you"
Me "Yes"
Dare "Great"
Me "I know they are in the room somewhere. I think I should just get a box and write "safe place" on it. That way when I get something important I can put it there, and I will remember where it is."

Anyway I am notorious putting things in a place that's "safe". In fact it's often so safe I have trouble finding it again. Well sometimes I never do find it. Just ask Dare about his old watch it's been in a "safe" place for over a year now. =)

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