Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Rewind

We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday we went with Pam who has been Brandon's daycare provider for the last 4 years to visit a farm. The farm belonged to one of her daycare families. The kids got to feed the goats and alpaca, chase the chickens around, and play with their puppies. We ate lunch there and then came home.

Saturday night we watched Batman Begins to get B excited to see the Dark Knight. Hopefully we will get to do that soon, every time we have tried to see it at the imax it's sold out.

We decided last minute to go to The Museum of Flight on Sunday. Originally we were going to go to the water park, but the weather has been iffy and Lindsey was at a friends party. First we stopped by the Japanese Garden, because it was on the way. Brandon thought it was the greatest place ever. He kept finding new trails to explore, and was running all over. Everyone else was pretty underwelmed by what seemed to be the lack of any substantial "garden".
When we got to the museum it seemed really busy. I didn't know it is where the Blue Angels take off and land during Seafair. That ended up being a bonus as we got to see quite a bit of them in the air, and got to watch the landing which was awesome. Everybody got pretty engrossed in the exhibits at the museum. Brandon learned that people had actually flown space shuttles to the moon. Gabby was confused by a photo of men in space suits with trees around them and asked if there were trees on the moon? It was actually a photo of a training mission. Kailyn even took interest and asked why World War I started. Then everyone sat through a 2o minute video that answered that exact question. On our way out we actually got to go inside a Concorde, and the Air Force One that JFK and Richard Nixon used. I think it was a successful weekend.

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