Sunday, September 7, 2008

36 Weeks

This week was a fairly productive one for me. I managed to get a lot of cleaning done. I cleaned the upstairs family room, Kailyn's room, her bathroom, and the downstairs living room they are all spotless. I also put together the glider, and arranged the furniture in the babies room. Dare cleaned up the backyard, and mowed for hopefully the last time this year (yay fall). He also put together the stroller and car seat. I don't have too much going on this week. One chiropractor appointment, and dinner and shopping with my mom. I do still have a pretty big list of stuff to do around the house that should keep me busy though. I'm counting down my last 10 days of work!! I'm even more looking forward to it since our new manager started last week. I just really don't like him. Usually I give people more of a chance so I thought maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones causing my extreme annoyance and dislike. It turns out after talking to some coworkers I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Here is a picture of our crib. I will take more pictures of the room after I get it finished. I plan to get the rest of the stuff later this week.

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