Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting So Close

I had another midwife appointment yesterday. It was kind of scary because she scheduled the rest of my appointments up to my due date. It made me realize how close it is getting, and I still feel so unprepared. I am hoping to find the motivation this weekend to get some stuff done, because the next two weekends we want to get out and do some stuff. Anyway, the appointment went good. Everything is still normal. I asked a couple of questions just out of curiosity like how their on call schedule works. She said they rotate weeks starting every Wednesday, but it can be hard to predict who will be on call because they often change weeks. I also asked what happens when they have more than one person go into labor at the same time because the birth center only has one room. She said it doesn't happen very often, only once that she can remember in the last year. When it does happen she said usually one person will decide to do a home birth or deliver at the other birth center in the area. So I go back again in two weeks, and I will have my iron level tested again then. I will also be 37 weeks...full term. Scary!!

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