Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tooth Fairies And Reindeer

Over Christmas break Brandon got his first loose tooth. Him and Lindsey were messing around trying to move something and she bumped his tooth. It started bleeding, and he was really freaking out. We all tried to make him feel better by telling him it was because he's a big boy, but it really wasn't working. Then I mentioned that the tooth fairy would come when he lost the tooth and he really perked up. The tears stopped, and he stopped complaining about the pain. A few days later when he was eating an apple the tooth fell out. He was excited because he realized this meant he got to be on the chart at school that keeps track of the first grade tooth loss. He was ecstatic when he woke up the next morning and found $2 under his pillow. Ahh he's still so easy to please.

Then one night we were sitting around watching the Planet Earth series I bought as a family Christmas gift. I think we were watching the Ice Worlds episode. It shows a reindeer being attacked by a hawk of some kind. It really just looks pretty ridiculous I mean the hawk is tiny compared to the reindeer. I say "wow, I can't believe he's attacking a reindeer." Brandon says, kind of confused "yeah, I thought reindeer could fly."

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