Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, It's An Obsession

Sorry, I am just really obsessed with the cute hats. The more outrageous the better. My husband thinks I am totally crazy, and refused to add these cute pics to his new digital picture frame. Insisting he already has enough pictures of Nathan in hats. I can justify my hat craziness by explaining this situation that occurred recently.

We were out shopping at the mall last weekend. I tell Dare I want to go to Baby Gap because they are having a sale. We walk to the back where the baby clothes are. In front of the section is a table set up with all of the new stuff. Spring and Valentine's clothes. Everything is so cute, and so girly!! Yep on the table that has probably 20 items only 2 of them are for boys!! It's just so unfair!! So I tell Dare "see that is why I get him so many hats, there is no cute boy stuff." So here's my baby in one of two hats I got him for Christmas. I'm sure it won't be the last time I show this one. It's still pretty big for him.

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