Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kids And Advertising, Money Well Spent?

So I have recently discovered that my son pays a lot of attention to commercials. Not the ones you may think though. He has never come to me about a commercial for some kind of toy or game, and asked for the product, or felt he had to have it. For that reason I have found some of our recent conversations interesting. A few days ago I am in the kitchen getting some onions for my hot dog that have been stored in a plastic container. Our conversation goes like this.
B- Who put those in there?
Me- Dare did. Why?
B- He shouldn't do that it makes gases and your food goes bad. Then you have to throw it away, and it wastes money.
Me- Really? Where did you here that?
B- On TV. You should get the green bags it keeps your food fresh and you won't waste it
Me- Hmm that's interesting B. I will think about it
B- When I grow up I'm getting the green bags because I don't want to waste my money.

There is a new commercial out for Sylvan Learning Center
a tutoring center for kids struggling in school. The ad shows a kid in a swimming pool and when they get out they tilt their head and a bunch of math equations fall out of the kids ear. Brandons interpretation of the ad he describes Sylvan as "a place to help you when you need to concentrate because there is water in your ear." So I guess all of the advertising dollars aimed at kids are wasted on my son. He pays more attention to the adult commercial even if he doesn't always "get" it. At least it has provided me with some entertainment lately.

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