Friday, June 20, 2008

Take a Deep Breath and Count to Ten

So I am kind of disappointed in myself for not keeping up on my blog this week I really want to try and write at least 5 times a week. This week was just really hectic towards the end here is an example of one of my days.

Thursday 1:30 AM

Alarm goes off. I have to be to work early because I have a hair appointment at 11 it was the only time I could get in and I'm desperate. Work is super hectic because it always is when I have myself on a tight schedule and because we are supposed to have visitors in and my boss is freaking out. After finishing all of the extra work he put on me I barely get out in time to make my appointment.

10:50 AM

Arrive to get my hair done. This is the most relaxing part of my day. My stylist and I have actually become really good friends in the four years she has been doing my hair we are even going to her wedding in August. My hair takes 3 hours I start to get really restless and tired of sitting. I'm also nervous I have to be home by 2:30 to pick up Kailyn from school.


Pay for my hair (wow that was expensive) realize I have 3 missed calls check voice mail it's Gabby saying they will arrive today instead of tomorrow.


Get call from salon they overcharged my by $70 I need to call with my card number to get a credit


Pick up Kailyn and her almost stepsister Mckayla here from Spokane give stepsister and her friend ride somewhere come home to franticly try and get some cleaning done before everyone gets here (this was supposed to be my nap time)


Go to the store to pick up hair stuff for Kailyn her 8th grade dance is tonight. Get to checkout realize I forgot my debit card come back home.


Come in to find my card I think I left it on the table from calling the salon. I make a quick trip to the bathroom and realize the card is in my back pocket. Get back in the car I don't tell Kailyn I had the card all along she is already mad. Go back to store again to buy hair stuff.


Pick up B from daycare. Pick up Mckayla and her friend come back to house so Kailyn can get her hair done and ready for the dance.


Get a call from the girls they want to spent the night at their friends because tomorrow the friends are leaving for the whole summer they need my to drop off some clothes.


Gather clothes for the girls. Start bugging Kailyn we need to be ready to go soon.


Do Kailyn's makeup for the dance we are now late.


Get everyone in the car drop them off at dance. Go drop off clothes to the girls.


Me and B finally get dinner. This is my first real meal of the day.


Leave to pick up Kailyn from the dance. Pick up Kailyn, Mckayla, and 2 other kids they don't want to go home they want me to take them to Red Robin. At this point I have a realization. My baby will be in high school next year. I will have a high schooler and a newborn. I also realize if I have to listen to one more Soulja Boy song blasting from my speakers on this drive someone may seriously get hurt.


Drop kids off at Red Robin.


Arrive home finally. Tell Dare he has to go pick the kids up later. I'm going to bed I've been up since 1:30AM I am tired!!

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