Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Night Confessions

  • I hate being pregnant. I mean I really, really hate it. I think women who say they love it, have never felt better, or more beautiful are either lying or crazy. I don't like them.
  • We have a name picked out for the baby, but we aren't telling anyone what it is. I find people are way too willing to offer their opinions on a name for an unborn child.
  • I told the girls we would be working on some "projects" this summer I made it seem exciting. These "projects" are things like cleaning closets and organizing cupboards. They think it will be fun. I feel kind of guilty about this.
  • I gained 10 lbs during the first trimester. I never gained any weight in the first tri with my other pregnancies. I know it is not at all baby related. That 10 lbs is going to be a bitch to lose
  • I can't wait for Mckayla to leave. It's been 6 days now. Nothing at all against her. I'm just tired of all of the extra people in the house all the time. I am also irritated that neither my x or his girlfriend ever even asked if it was ok. I thought she would be here one night.
  • Sometimes I wish B would stop talking just for a few minutes. I love him to death, but the kid can go on forever like no one else.

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j allen said...

I always thought it was funny when people recommended that I name the baby after them (i.e. "name him Joshua"). I guess I could laugh at that since it was my wife and not me who was pregnant...