Monday, June 2, 2008

Lifes A Beach

Yesterday I went on a field trip with my sons kindergarten class to the beach. B was really excited that I came with him it was a great day for the beach. I have been on many a field trip in my time. It always starts out the same way. You are herded into the classroom with the students, and are asked to sit in the very small chairs while they go over the plan for the day. On every trip I have ever been on at this point one student always decides to distinguish themselves from the rest. This trip is no exception the kid (we will call him Zack) is talking out of turn and then wanders off while the teacher is talking. I am thinking please don't let him be in my group. After about 20 minutes of going over the schedule and rules the teacher hands out the group assignments f*#k he's in my group. At least the other kid I got isn't at school so I just have two kids to watch. So the fun begins on the bus ride I must have asked Zack 20 times on the 20 minute ride to please sit down, to please turn around, to please turn around and sit down. We arrive at the beach and the nice volunteer lady starts telling us about all of the creatures we may see on the beach that day. As she is talking Zack starts grabbing himself and saying "I have to pee, I have to pee" the teacher says wait a few minutes he continues she finally takes him. After they get back and continue to listen I realize I don't see Zack with out group anymore at the same time the teacher notices also she walks away and starts calling for him a few minutes later she returns with Zack in tow. She tells me "I will watch him today" and gives me a look like she understands he is being extremely difficult and doesn't expect me to deal with him. I am off the hook. So at this point the whole group goes down to the beach to search for sea life Zack is momentarily distracted by all of the cool things we saw. Starfish, hermit crabs, crabs, limpets, and fish. It is then time to break into our small groups I guess the teacher forgot she was watching Zack because here he comes with us. First we go to eat lunch pretty uneventful. I then decide I should pee one last time before we head back to school. The beach only had honey buckets so I gave the boys strict instructions to wait for me right outside the door they were not to move!! I went in and peed as fast as humanly possible and came out to see Zack right where I left him. Wow I seriously praised him for listening so well and we went off to explore the rest of the beach. It seems my praise came too soon as Zack took off running down the beach I yell after him he ignores me I can't run I'm 6 months pregnant I can barely walk. I finally catch up and lecture him again about wandering off and getting lost etc. This kind of stuff goes on for the next 40 minutes as we wait for the designated time to return to school (it can't go fast enough) at one point I actually question Zacks ability to hear "can you hear me Zack? I said don't do that" he nods. Okay well they didn't forget to tell me he was hearing impaired. I've never been so happy to get on a school bus in all of my life. By the time I got home I was completely exhausted. Here are a couple of pictures of our trip.

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