Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes! We Have No Tomatoes

So there has recently been a salmonella scare with raw tomatoes. There were nine states wh ere cases were reported, but I do not live in any of them. The scare also is linked only to roma and large round tomatoes not tomatoes on the vine. You can still walk into any grocery store around here and buy any kind of tomatoes your heart desires. For some reason the last week and a half it has been imposable to get fresh tomatoes of any kind in a restaurant. Last week sometime we went to Red Robin for dinner and were informed that all burgers would be served sans tomatoes, then at the Mexican place down the street they had a sign when you walk in saying "no tomatoes for your safety". Today as I am running around and decide I am hungry I decide to stop at Quiznos for a nice toasty sub. Guess what? No tomatoes. At this point I am really fed up. Why can't they go to the grocery store 2 doors down and buy some tomatoes? Now I am forced to eat my sub sandwich with no tomatoes? I love tomatoes I would eat a tomato only sandwich. So that's it until they give up this no tomato BS I will not eat at another restaurant. So there!!

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