Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Test

I had my midwife appointment today. It was really strange because usually it's a room full of people my midwife, her student, me, Dare, and the random children who get to come along. Today it was just the two of us. Once I got over all of the empty seats we had a pretty productive time. I told her about my rib pain, and the fact that I can no longer feel the tips of my fingers on my right hand. For the second time no magic vitamins were recommended (thank god) instead she suggested I see a chiropractor. Since I still have 10 weeks to go she thinks it will make the remainder of my pregnancy more comfortable. We discussed some other things as well. She wants me to write up a birth plan for the more detailed things. Since I am seeing her and not giving birth in a hospital she knows the obvious stuff, but she wants me to write down the more detailed stuff for her. Do I want quiet or music, who is cutting the cord, do I want a water birth etc. Then I had the blood draw for the two big tests, the gestational diabetes, and my iron levels. I will get the results early next week. We are getting near the end because I go in for another check in two weeks!!

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