Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Rewind

Every weekend I plan on posting a recap of what we did, but somehow I never seem to get around to it. So here it is for the first and hopefully not last time. On Friday we went and saw Wall-E. It was a really cute movie with a good message about taking care of the earth. Everybody really liked the movie. I was afraid B would get bored especially because the first half of the movie doesn't have any talking (except by robots), but he sat patiently through it. We bought a small amount of fireworks for the kids and did these in the evening before leaving for a school nearby that has a great view of the area. We were able to see several of the big fireworks displays from here and didn't have to deal with any crowds as there were only 3 or 4 other families there. Our neighborhood is pretty insane for fireworks being outside the city limits we are exempt from all of the fireworks bans. Fortunately my pregnancy induced exhaustion has given me the ability to sleep through anything and I fell right to sleep.

Saturday we watched Jurassic Park 2. I couldn't believe I have never seen it before considering how much I liked the first one. It wasn't a bad movie and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Today we did a whole lot of nothing. I was going to take the kids to the lake today, but the sunshine that was promised never showed up. So instead we sat around, did lots of laundry, and some cleaning.

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