Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Night Confessions

  • A really good friend of mine is dating my boss. All thought I am very happy for her, I sometimes wish she wouldn't give me so much information about their relationship. Due to her TMI I often feel awkward and uncomfortable around him. I also wonder sometimes if he would be so nice to me if not for being worried I would tell on him =)
  • I ate ice cream today. TWICE!!
  • I am suffering from a really bad case of baby brain. We have a birthing class to go to on Saturday. So far this week I have made other plans on two separate occasions for that day. I later had to cancel the plans when I realized this. At least I have a valid excuse.
  • My neighbors are having some major plumbing work done. I am annoyed by the noise, the mess, and the fact that they are blocking my driveway. I do think it's cute that my son has been outside for the past hour watching them.

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