Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Rewind (Happy Birthday Edition)

Better late than never. Since it is Monday I hope I can remember all the way back to Friday. So Friday afternoon we went to Dare work BBQ everyone but Kailyn who didn't want to get up at 11:30 to go with us. The kids had fun playing at the park and with the waterguns someone had brought for awhile, but they eventually got bored and we came home.

Sunday was Kailyns 14th birthday. We let her choose which activity she wanted to do and she decided she wanted to go roller skating. Good choice, but I can't roller skate in my current condition. Kailyn said wow you they don't let you have any fun when you're pregnant do they? Um no. So we headed of to the local roller rink which still has all of it's original decor for an afternoon of fun. After that we headed off to get Kailyns gift a new digital camera. Our first stop didn't have a camera that meet her strict technical specifications. That is it couldn't be fat, and it had to come in a cool color not black or silver. On our second stop we scored. We then came home to have a bbq dinner and then we all enjoyed some delicious ice cream cake.

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