Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Night Confessions

  • When I first was invited to my friends wedding in Winthrop this summer I was so excited. Now that it is a month away I'm having second thoughts about being outdoors, in the scorching Eastern Washington heat, in August, 8 months pregnant. I now am also dreading forgoing free booze to probably be the ONLY sober person there. I wish I had thought of these things 4 months ago when I told her we would go.
  • We got these really lame t-shirts from work for a promotion we have going on. Everyone hates them and is complaining. Secretly I am happy because my regular work shirt doesn't fit anymore, and my other option white gets dirty too easy. This shirt fits, is red, and is super comfortable!!
  • Sometimes when strangers ask me when I am due, I lie. I tell them September instead of October because it seems so much closer. I don't feel bad about this at all because people tend to lose all social skills around pregnant women. I hope that by telling this lie I will get less comments like "is it twins" and "wow you are going to have a BIG baby".

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